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Filipe Silva - Images from the Living World

I am a Portuguese photographer and I was born in France in 1974. The passion for nature has always been part of my life for what I have always lived in rural and natural environments. I remember as a teenager spending much of my time surrounded by books and television series that portrayed animal life and nature. I confess that I have always envied the life of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and David Attenborough. Just some time after buying my first camera, I decided to start portraying the world through the way I see things. I then started out of my comfort zone and traveled around our planet in search of species, landscapes, cultures and traditions, leading me to specialize in nature photography, wildlife and travel. The result of these adventures was stored in my images, expressing the thrill of trying to be in the right place at the right time.

Photography has enabled me to explore the world and see everything differently, leading me to share this world view through exhibitions, lectures, and training sessions geared towards knowledge and the preservation of nature and the most primitive cultures and societies .

Since 2005 some of my photographs have reached the semifinals and finals of the BBC's BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. 

Some of my photographs have been awarded in international photography contests: 

  • "Highly Commended" in the contest "GDT - European Wildlife Photographer of the Year". 
  • "Highly Commended" and 13th place in the "International Bird photographer of the year". 

My images are published in books, magazines and calendars and I try to promote through them the preservation and dissemination of places, species and traditions.

I collaborate with some magazines with articles and photographs and develop projects in the editorial area always using photography as a visual element. 

With the past of time and with the numerous requests that I form emerging I began my career as a trainer in the field of photography and became a trainer at the Behindnature training academy, ministering various formations and workshops under various themes in the field of photography. 

My pictures can be seen in some art galleries. I am receptive to proposals to attend exhibitions and lectures so please contact me using the contact form.


People often ask what equipment I used to get a particular photograph. It is a normal and predictable question, however the answer is always the same: the equipment itself does not make the photograph, but the photographer. Cameras, lenses and flash are just tools. When you go to a store to buy your own equipment, keep this in mind. Given the various themes of the photograph where I work, I usually use cameras and lenses that cover my needs in terms of equipment, allowing me to photograph various areas and themes that include landscape, underwater, documentary and travel photography.